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Buyable World Access / VRChat Games
Give creators an option to require a buy-in for users to join their world. This would be for creators who are literally making game experiences in VRChat. Think of it like making a "Steam game" through VRChat. The user pays to be able to join a world. Just like you would buy a Steam game in order to install and play it. This is something that is bound to happen, because people already make game worlds all the time. If we don't do this, I just know some creators are going to try implementing it physically in their world after you've already taken the time to download and join the world, which in my opinion will be way more annoying. Imagine if you downloaded a free steam game, and opened it, you play as a little character, but in-game you walk into a door that says you need to pay $20 to actually unlock the game. That would be a very silly way of doing things. This would need to be complimented with a World Review system... just like Steam Reviews where players can leave a review of a world for everyone to read, if the creator allows reviews on their world. (As seen in this suggestion: ) This would allow people to know if a world is worth checking out, or if it's a buyable world, if it's worth paying to unlock. Like, imagine if the creators of AccountingVR ported their game to VRChat, and you could buy the VRChat version to play in VRChat. Or some other talented creator makes their own unique experience worth paying for. That is what this suggestion is for. There are definitely a lot of implications to this... so discuss away.
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