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VRC_SpatialAudioSource forces audio wholly to 3D if curve is not entirely 2D.
Build: 928 SDK Version: VRCSDK2-2020. A recent SDK or client change appears to have broken the VRC Spatial Audio Source component: As an example, this setting used to give me 2D audio for 35 meters, which then faded to 3D and silent at 40 meters: I've gone through tons of options/checkbox iterations on the spatial audio source and none seem to fix it. They actually all sound identical to my untrained ear no matter the settings. If I press play in Unity and move my camera around in the scene, I'm definitely hearing the proper audio within the 35m range, then fading to 3D/silent after 40m. In fact, if you remove the Spatial Audio Source, or add an ONSP audio source for testing, it seems like the client or SDK are forcing it to use the broken Spatial Audio Source component. I also tested with the '"Proper" 2D Audio Source' prefab posted in the prefabs database here and it is now broken as well: The docs page has this to say about using 2D Audio: I have a background music source that is 100% 2D audio in the slider and that is still 2D, but it is also maximum volume everywhere in the world, which is undesirable. The docs seem to imply that there's no real reason to use 2D audio, but there are a plethora of uses: * Rain, ambience, etc all sound very silly when from a 2D source. You dont' hear rain coming from a single point in the sky in real life. * TV/Video rooms sound much better if you hear the proper 2D audio, but you might want that volume to fall off as you leave the room. Of note, akalink got it working in an SDK3 world with these settings, very similar to my own:
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