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Add Basic Keywords to Loading Screen So No Shaders Break Ever Again
It would be great if these keywords from standard and post processing were loaded for everyone so maps and shaders don't break anymore. Unity Standard keywords and Post Processing V2. _ALPHABLEND_ON _ALPHAMODULATE_ON _ALPHAPREMULTIPLY_ON _ALPHATEST_ON _COLORADDSUBDIFF_ON _COLORCOLOR_ON _COLOROVERLAY_ON _DETAIL_MULX2 _EMISSION _FADING_ON _GLOSSYREFLECTIONS_OFF _GLOSSYREFLECTIONS_OFF _MAPPING_6_FRAMES_LAYOUT _METALLICGLOSSMAP _NORMALMAP _PARALLAXMAP _REQUIRE_UV2 _SMOOTHNESS_TEXTURE_ALBEDO_CHANNEL_A _SPECGLOSSMAP _SPECULARHIGHLIGHTS_OFF _SPECULARHIGHLIGHTS_OFF _SUNDISK_HIGH_QUALITY _SUNDISK_NONE _SUNDISK_SIMPLE _TERRAIN_NORMAL_MAP BILLBOARD_FACE_CAMERA_POS EFFECT_BUMP EFFECT_HUE_VARIATION ETC1_EXTERNAL_ALPHA GEOM_TYPE_BRANCH GEOM_TYPE_BRANCH_DETAIL GEOM_TYPE_FROND GEOM_TYPE_LEAF GEOM_TYPE_MESH LOD_FADE_CROSSFADE PIXELSNAP_ON SOFTPARTICLES_ON STEREO_INSTANCING_ON STEREO_MULTIVIEW_ON UNITY_HDR_ON UNITY_SINGLE_PASS_STEREO UNITY_UI_ALPHACLIP UNITY_UI_CLIP_RECT Additionally if you're super nice you could make default keywords for shader devs to use so they wouldn't break the game anymore and had some sort of best practice to follow. Examples: ONE, TWO, THREE ,FOUR ,FIVE ,SIX ,SEVEN ,EIGHT ,NINE ,TEN ,ELEVEN ,TWELVE ,THIRTEEN ,FOURTEEN ,FIFTEEN ,SIXTEEN ,SEVENTEEN ,EIGHTEEN ,NINETEEN ,TWENTY This would give shader devs 20 keywords to mess with so no one would have to worry about their keywords breaking anymore if they follow best practices. It would take 20 seconds to copy and paste these into the loading screen material and fix all the basic keyword problems with the game. Love: poiyomi
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