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8 Problems with VRCStation
VRCStation needs an alternative for many reasons. Here are some: Too many issues with the introduction of every new feature. Too many undocumented behaviors which seem to change from (client) update to update. Full of difficult-to-reproduce, obscure bugs that are much too time-consuming to debug for more casual creators. Excessively sensitive to implementation and usage factors to the point of total absurdity (Try putting an Udon behavior on the same object as a Station and writing to another Udon behavior's variable.) Changes behavior based on the number of people in a world. (I've seen this several times and it breaks the game.) It doesn't even know which player is sitting in it. Solutions to some Station issues are already in the SDK but not implemented apparently such as the animator fix for full body tracking which exists in the Avatar SDK but is missing in the World SDK. In practice, UDON Solutions and workarounds to VRCStation issues can work less effectively over time, demanding constant maintenance and causing worlds to stop working entirely. PROPOSAL: Because numerous existing worlds currently make (hard fought) use of VRCStation's quirks for actual features, you can't simply get rid of it, as this would break a huge number of very cool worlds. Instead of re-engineering the existing VRCStation (nobody wants that!), Create a brand new VRCStation alternative and creators may choose between the two (an extremely worthwhile choice to present compared to the alternative of not fixing anything). This new VRCStation2 should have the following: The Player must never be misplaced or "thrown" because of playspace origin or other factors separate from and totally irrelevant to the transform of their head. Players must always be positioned where they are expected to be at all costs even if it hits the frames a little to correct it (because the UDON acrobatics we have to do to make this happen without this assurance are going to hit frames harder anyway. Nothing is being saved by doing this quickly but incorrectly. I cannot stress enough how important this is.) The Station must have a public variable or method by which to get the VRCPlayerApi object of the player seated. The Station must be movable by any mechanism by which a GameObject can be moved (Animation, RigidBody, updating the value of the transform position/rotation), with no exceptions or conditions. Usage of this must be as simple as possible with no hidden/undocumented behaviors. The Station must not immobilize the arms of a player by default. In practice, players are expected to be able to interact with things with their arms when seated so it would never make sense for this to happen without the world dev explicitly specifying it. The Station must have a facility for player exit by calling a method on it/sending an event. This is imperative for ergonomics and feature-rich worlds. The Station must have the ability to NOT restrict FBT movement, as this is widely used by many players and there are entire forms of emergent gameplay and experiences which depend on this. There is currently a community workaround for this, don't break it. Stations should be able to sync their positions relative to their host GameObject. If a player is adjusting their seat, their position should be synced because without it, players don't know where each others heads are and this interferes with social interaction. It is unreasonable to require a world dev to have to crack into Networking in order to sync the position of seats because Networking is among the most difficult parts of UDON and most world creators will just skip it if this syncing isn't included in the component (and you can't really blame them, some people just want to casually make a room with a couch or something and don't have time to learn Networking). Stations should orient the player to match the Up direction of the Station's local transform, and NOT the Up direction of the world. The current implementation which orients to world's up creates a huge amount of nauseating misalignments where players end up sideways in a seat because it's on a vehicle, if the vehicle isn't completely flat, and in-practice it is absurd to ask players to only enter a vehicle when it's on flat ground. This might be a lot of things, and in general with some exceptions, it matches the functionality of VRCStation, but the key is that the new one needs to prioritize expected behaviors and cannot have the entropic "decay" in reliability exhibited by the current one. I have spent many hours trying to drag VRCStation into doing exactly what it's supposed to do, entirely because I needed to get events from it or any myriad of other various ways it can find a reason not to work right. This component's vagaries have even evaded the skills of friends that are far better at this kind of thing than I am. This component is a disaster and it's only getting worse with time. Surely, I can't be the only one who is at the end of their patience and resources in dealing with VRCStation. So please, for the sake of future world development and the health of the platform, please consider creating an alternative to the existing VRCStation component. Thank you.
[Feature Request] Search Banned Users & Filter Logs by Action
Greetings, VRChat Team and Community! Currently in VRChat Groups, the logs of users are unable to filtered or sorted by action such as Instance Kicks, Bans, Warns, which are imperative to be easy to search through for an admin team of a group to go through and to take correct, informative, and appropriate decisions against users with the correct information. This feature NEEDS to be implemented, especially for groups upwards of 10k+ -20k+ members. For such instances, where groups could have hundreds of not thousands of members banned, warned or otherwise moderated against, knowing this information is crucial to the safe, correct, and smooth running of our groups/communities. For the sake of the Bans tab, the not being able to search by name, is unbelievably detrimental to the ability to UNBAN or remove punishment from a user because the ban list does not sort by names alphabetically, by date/time of the ban, or any reasonable followable formatting. It seems entirely random which severely hurts being able to go through those lists and remove or find punishments. Especially when you have a large number of these actions taken. So, what EXACTLY am I asking for? Group Log Filtering/Sorting: Advanced filtering/sorting options in the audit logs, allowing us to sort by specific actions like Instance Kicks, Bans, and Warns and more. It is imperative to have this feature for monitoring such a vast number of interactions and to uphold a safe and welcoming environment. Ban List Sorting / Ban List Member Search: The ability to sort/search the ban list by username, date of the ban, or other significant parameters. Presently, the random order of the list severely hinders our ability to effectively review or revise ban decisions, which is not practical for a groups of a large size or really any size. The implementation of these features is not just a convenience; it is a necessity for the sustainability of VRChat communities. I sincerely hope you'll look over this and add these features with urgency because as our communities grow, so must our ability to effectively maintain and moderate them. Thank you!
Folders for Uploaded Avatars
We want some way to group my uploaded avatars list to make it easier to select avatar. 日本語要約は下にあります Abstract Current VRChat doesn't have any way to manage avatars except for avatar favorites. Japanese have uploaded many avatars and will more when we follow official recommendation, one avatar should have one outfit. According to my survey, over 33% of Japanese have more than 50 avatar variations. We don't want to use avatar favorites and they are inadequate so we want some alternative for uploaded avatars. As a one alternative, I request folders for Uploaded Avatars. Why not avatar favorites? There are two big reasons. First, we want to use avatar favorites for public avatars. Even though we have uploaded many avatars, We want to use public avatars. Currently, avatar favorite is the only way to keep public avatars so I want another. The other is that number of avatar favorites is not enough for this usage. We only have 6 avatar favorites. I want to group into more groups. Why Japanese have many avatars? In Japanese community, almost everyone have multiple outfits for multiple bodies, so we actually have many avatars. I surveyed about this on Twitter for Japanese VRChatters. The result says about 33.1% have more than 50 avatar variations. Someone says they actually have uploaded over 500 avatars (they upload one avatar for one outfits), and another says they have 1000 avatar variations in total (they upload one avatar for multiple outfits). survey: https://twitter.com/anatawa12_vrc/status/1672077245165256732 500+: https://twitter.com/narazaka/status/1672154813684146176 1000+: https://twitter.com/MekaNyankoVR/status/1672466157927006208 However, current VRChat doesn't have way to manage uploaded avatars. So, we want some way to manage uploaded avatars. The reason why many people have many outfits is that there are huge variety of outfits for avatar bodies and many people bought many of them. In Japanese community, many outfits author make some or huge variation for many avatars, so It's easy for people to add, combine, and customize outfits to their avatars. For example, in Capettiya and mumu , popular outfits and avatar stores, many outfits are made for about 40 avatars. VRChat may think most one doesn't have such a number of avatars by server metrics. However, there's a reason why the number have huge difference. Many Japanese combines many outfits into one avatar violating official recommendation that one avatar should have one outfit. Instead of uploading avatar by outfits, many Japanese uploads one avatar for one body, and they change outfits with expression menu. That's one of the reasons why Japanese Avatars will always have many skinned meshes and PhysBones, and huge VRAM usage in their avatar. There are multiple reasons why they do that but one of the biggest reason is that with many avatars, we cannot choose avatar easily from list if we do (or already). (Previously, Not keeping the calibration settings is another biggest reason, but it's now fixed with IK 2.0) Some Similar Canny There is another Canny to improve problem with many avatars. I strongly want folders for uploaded avatars but those canny can improve problems with many avatars. Switching Avatars from Expression Menu and/or Contacts Menu Design Suggestion I made two image for design suggestion for Avatar Folders, one for Main Menu and the other for wing on MM/QM. I hope this may help you to understand my image for this feature. 日本語要約 アップロード済みアバターの管理方法として、フォルダ機能を追加してほしいです。 多くのアバターを持っている人は、アバターを切り替えたい時、目的のアバターを探しづらいと思いますが、VRChat公式が推奨している「1アバター1衣装」を実践すると、更にアバターの数が増えてしまい、大変です。 そのため、アバターを管理しやすいようにフォルダ機能がほしいです。


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