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Whitelist Unity Chan Toon Shader 2 for PC and Quest.
UTS2 is a highly optimized and flexible shader developed by Nobuyuki Kobayashi, Community Evangelist @Unity Technologies Japan. ( They have taken notice of the popularity of VRChat, and have implemented a VRChat recommended settings button in the shader, as well as the ability to strip unused shader keywords before upload. In addition, there are a set of mobile compatible variants, making it one of the best possible situations for a shader with mobile optimization but a feature-set that will bring quest avatars more in line with their PC counterparts, with modern features such as alpha transparency (for cutout) at low cost. This, however, is not just a toon shader. UTS2 supports PBR style standard shading that can be used standalone and in combination with things like reflection mapping and emission, while still maintaining correct directional lighting and a "toon ramp". I see this as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with Unity itself, and the Japanese community, just as adding support for VRM would. VRChat has a long history of featuring unity chan on the default row of the avatars row. This seems like a natural progression of that relationship and branding. In addition, there is other, new features as part of the Unity-Chan project, such as unity-chan springbone 2.0 which can bring features not unlike dynamicbone in a more performance oriented way, perhaps even for mobile. The creator himself is aware of this campaign and this would make a large splash for the very active Japanese community, I believe.
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