There are many camera settings that would be really nice to have access to after runtime. An interface could be provided for this via some proxy in the VRCGraphics class. (and maybe one for the hand camera as well!)
Ideally this proxy would contain everything the normal Camera class has that doesn't pose a security risk.
Some examples of very handy use cases for this:
  1. Change farclip dynamically to minimize perf overhead from unnecessarily drawing distant avatars/objects
  2. Safe access to culling masks for user-created layers to make a lot of common visibility tricks much easier
  3. Set depth texture to be generated without needing a shadow-casting dir light
  4. Get FOV to use for unique world mechanics
  5. Access to a lot of useful camera matrices like cameraToWorldMatrix, worldToCameraMatrix, projectionMatrix, etc...
  6. Access to stereo separation for more advanced world features
...and more I'm probably not thinking of!