As I'm sure you're now aware, Vtubers and VRChat in general is currently on a moonshot rocket ride to mainstream in Japan. Due to this, DWANGO and others have started OSS initiatives using Khronos GLTF standards to create an optimized "platform independent" 3D avatar file format. They already have published a unity asset that allows you to import and export them from FBX and other meshes incredibly easily, and they are designed to be embodied by humans in VR, making them EXTREMELY well suited to VRChat.
In fact, I think they were created with VRChat in mind, if you look at their mission statement - they really do seem that way. It may already be possible to bring VRM into vrchat since the format fits a lot of your package standards.
Either way, direct acknowledgement and support of the format would go a long way in south east asia I believe, as they have somewhat decent copy protection considerations for creators, as well as optimized setups for normals, meshes, materials and armature.
The MMD PMX and PMD file format is WILDLY popular in vrchat for good reasons as I discovered way back in 2015, but there are things that turn off the japanese creator community about this (sorry for that :( ), mainly models getting ripped - and the fact that they are not optimized for vr IK or human embodiment, and not generally light weight.
This is designed as a complete solution to all that, and they have a lot of backing and this initiative comes from talented devs and huge companies, like for example niconico. Give it a look!