This community is very creative and no matter how many resources you put towards building cool tools, you will always lag behind the community's ideas.
As such I think having some type of experimental area where world builders can extend the Node Graph without being blacklisted during upload seems like a great way to me to propose new features.
Simple text and screenshots in the canny don't seem adequate for me here because you can't test your code, nor can you really illustrate properly what the benefits are.
For example, what if you wish to build a PA / microphone system leveraging runtime modifications of the spatial audio parameters?
This requires that you test with other players to get it right. And the best way to present the results would be through a demo.
Now imagine someone could build a custom node for the Node Graph along the lines of:
Set Audio Parameters
  • Audio source
  • Min range
  • Max range
And you're able to reference player voices as the audio source here, perhaps through a trigger of sorts.