Since the latest update, all triggers are operating in the LOCAL

I set all kind of trigger(from left side)

'always' / 'master' / 'local' / 'owner' / 'alwaysunbuffered' / 'masterunbuffered' / 'ownerunbuffered' / 'alwaysbufferone' / 'masterbufferone' / 'ownerbufferone'

'Master' and 'owner' interact only with the specified target. But only he can see the results.

And all of another triggers work in LOCAL

'unbuffered' and 'bufferone' had to be a sign to me, even if other people were interacting.

but only who interacted can see the results

Because of these symptoms, you may have seen many broken worlds.

If you're suffering from the same symptoms as me, or if you're working normally, please comment.

thank you