Was testing various models that do not have an "Hip Fix" shenanigans going on. In all cases, the upper body of the model would be tilted to one side, pulling the arm on the other side out of socket.

This is only seen locally. Other players see your back as slightly tilted but both arms in socket.

This issue occurred to varying degress on every model we tested that does not have the hip fix applied to it.

Interestingly, the avatar will align itself properly when you open your steamvr overlay, then go back to the messed up state as soon as you close the overlay.

In the first picture, two unity chan models: On the left, a player uploaded Unity Chan with the Hip Fix applied to it. Notice there is no back tilting and both arms are firmly in socket.

On the right, me in the default Unity Chan avatar. Note the slight tilt of the back and the right arm pulled out of socket.

In the 2nd picture, you will see, two identical models: On the left is a remote player. Note the tilted back, but both arms firmly in place.

On the right, is me. Note the horribly out of socket arm.

Both players see their own right arms horribly out of socket while see the other player simply as having mild scoliosis