When trying to play rtspt:// URL in VRC_SyncVideoStream, it failed to play and an error 'failed to sanitize URL' appears in the log.

Could you add support for RTSP stream in VRC_SyncVideoStream?

I confirmed that current VRChat client can play RTSP stream via 'AVProVideo for Windows' asset. But we can't change the URL of AVProVideo scripts in the VRChat world without C# scripting, so it will be great if VRC_SyncVideoStream can play RTSP stream (it can change URL by UIText).

I'm running Wowza Streaming Engine server on AWS and providing audio streaming software for free to VRChat musician. Our RTSP stream has ultra low latency (0.3 seconds in Tokyo) and AAC 320kbps high quality audio. Listening musical instruments through voice chat is not satisfactory because of bad quality audio, but the experience of RTSP streaming is so good. We have many music live events every weekend by Japanese community using our RTSP streaming service 'TopazChat'.

TopazChat download pages and instructions are currently Japanese only and English translation is TBD. These links are for your reference.

- 'TopazChat 2.0 Player' for VRChat world creators: https://tyounanmoti.booth.pm/items/1752066

- 'TopazChat 2.0 Streamer' for VRChat musicians: https://tyounanmoti.booth.pm/items/1756789