Thank you for all your development.
Now, I have a request regarding the Social window or wing.
It has been particularly bad recently, but since about a year and a bit ago, there have been many situations where Social has not been updated at all.
For example, my friends are supposed to be in instances they left three hours ago. Sometimes people who are offline are online. etc.
This has led to us having to look for their online status and the instance they are currently in from VRChat Home.
So, I have one suggestion for you.
For Social, this is to implement a force update button.
Of course, if we allow unlimited presses, it will overload the server, like a DoS attack, so how about implementing a button that can only be pressed once every 1 to 5 minutes?
Originally, it would be desirable for the update to be automatic, but at present it seems that the update is not being applied properly, and apart from that, it would also be useful in cases where the update is not being applied for some reason.
Please consider this.