Would like for a option on worlds to be able to mark them as archived (with unarchive option too) making them Read-Only (preventing edits, or new uploads) and people would know that the world would no longer be getting updates, might be broken due to new VRChat updates, etc.
The client/web would have a clear indicator/message that the world is archived (with ofc a link to a info page that would help people understand what this means)
This would also add new filter options for the world listing to include archived, no archived, or only archived. On the user profile, archived worlds would be it's own folded section and not displayed with the currently public worlds.
Worlds can be unarchived of course. Bit on the fence on if should be allowed back as a Public world or forced private so the author has to go through the publish procedure again.
This would allow people to perserve worlds and not clutter up their user profile/SDK content list with unmaintained or broken worlds they no longer have interest/time for.
Suggested Solution
  • A archived timestamp field, that would be used to display when the world was archived.
  • Use a icon (for those that are color blind) to show that it's an archived world
The SDK should either exclude archived worlds from it's content listing, or have a filter for it.
The image included is an example of how Github displays archived repositories.