So here’s the situation, me and my friend have been working on a world and it is going very well. It’s getting really popular but the only issue is that me and him are in complete different time zones, and so we aren’t usually on at the same time, and since the world is uploaded under his account, it’s impossible for me to moderate the instances, and some people just don’t read the intro and assume I’m a hacker when I join cause I have all permissions, and just kick me.
I propose a solution:
A system tag or something similar for worlds, where you can specify user id(s) of people who co create the world, and they will have the same permissions as the person who uploaded the world, apart from deleting the world and such.
Maybe also some settings like displaying the co owners name under the world where it shows creator, allowing co owners to upload/update the world from their account, allowing specific permissions similar to how groups work.
I can’t be the only one who thinks this, and there’s probably already a canny about this which I cannot find.
I don’t think it would be too hard to implement, there’s already room for more users in the world creator section, system tags are, well, system tags.
And not to mention it would save us having to send the project back and forth constantly.