As it stands, VRChat is expanding the number of features and options available to users.
, many features are beginning to enter the Action Menu unnecessarily, which causes confusion, bloat, and makes accessibility of regular features more frustrating.
At the same time,
whilst a one-handed Quick Menu does exist
, it is purely
based, and only useable with a single controller connected. This is inconsistent with the Action Menu.
However, systems available to the Action Menu would also be applicable to the Quick Menu.
Design & Implementation
In the Quick Menu settings, a checkbox in the accessibility section would allow users to "
Navigate this menu using navigational controls
  • When selected, in two-handed mode, the menu will be pinned to the hand which called it; and in one-handed mode it will be pinned to the HUD.
  • Once opened,
    by using navigational controls on the hand which opened it, menu options will be focused, with highlight and outline.
    Navigation is similar, in design, to how modern computers can be operated by shifting focus using the TAB key.
  • By using the "Use" input (Primary Trigger, in VR), this will select the highlighted option or tab.
  • Likewise, primary menus may also be navigated with this "tab-select" navigation
These changes would allow for the further addition of tools to the Quick Menu which may not be frequently accessed (Mirror, etc.), leaving the Action Menu for avatar based controls & debugging, and brings more consistency to the navigation of the VRC client interface, whilst making it more accessible in more use cases.