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Description of the bug:
When playing YouTube live streaming with Auto Play in VRC AVPro Video Player, the video and audio are played back out of sync. The audio is played with a delay relative to the video.
Calling VRCAVProVideoPlayer.PlayURL() to reload the playback will fix the misalignment and the audio will not be misaligned thereafter.
Only when playing in Auto Play, the video appears to start playing before the audio.
However, it is not always misaligned, but sometimes it plays normally. I have tested this many times by joining my world, and it is often the case that the playback is out of sync.
I am not sure how long this has been happening, but I am assuming that it has been happening since recent builds of VRChat, as it did not happen before.
Any extra files? (output logs, screenshots):
I don't think it is a world-specific issue, as I have confirmed that it occurs in several worlds, but here is the world ID I used in my testing.