In your rushed attempt of removing fun from us, you actually managed to break the chairs.

Let me go more into details: Now locally every person who sits in your avatar stations is not considered in a chair, this has 2 major game breaking outcomes:

1) not being considered in the vrc station causes the position of the person sit on it to be locally delayed quite a bit cause it waits for network ik (about 1 second delay)

2) not being considered in the vrc station causes standing override animations being played instead of the sitting ones locally (also custom animator overrides put into the vrc station are locally ignored too)

These issues can be seen by the wearer of the chair avatar, not by the one who sits on it.

I consider this issues being severing enough to make the vrc stations not worth to put in an avatar anymore, making the only new feature of avatars in the last 2 years void.

Also kinda demonstrates how the dev teams wants to remove fun features without really caring about the bug itself, since this update made in fact chairs more broken than before.