I have noticed a very irritating bug/glitch, that i don't know how to fix.

when i request an invite to a private world to a friend, it comes in on their side, but their accepting invite doesn't appear at all on my side. this happens every single time for about a week now. (it started happening for me after the Cloudflare issue)

and i know my friend accepted my request, cause he joined on me later, thinking i was afk, and told me that he accepted it about 3 times already, but i didn't come (confirming my invite requests do seem to go through) and i told him that none of his invites came up for me on my side, which is why i didn't (wasn't able to) join.

This is really annoying the sh*t out of me, i'm hoping this will get fixed soon.

I have tried completely reinstalling VRChat and deletingthe cache with no luck and tried reseting the router too, also no luck.