In short, currently, if you post a link to some vrc web page, web services will not generate fancy preview images and descriptions for it. If you look at links to users or worlds you will NOT get ANY info at all. If you look at instance link you will not be able to understand instance details. That's because VRC web site pages lacks for metadata, so web services does not understand about what is the pages. Lack of metadata also affects integration into search engines and it's "relevancy score". My suggestion is to implement common metadata vocabularies protocols to achive better integrations, such as:

- The Open Graph Protocol ( )

- ( )

- Dublin Core Schema ( )

- Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities ( )

- FOAF ( )

- oEmbed ( )

- Twitter Cards ( )

Currently there is OGP and Twitter metadata on the pages, but it's completely static: does not differs from page to page, which makes no sence.